Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"T" is for "Tapiroid" [Mutant Future Version]


No. Enc.:  1d6
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement:  150' (50')
          Swim:  60' (20')
Armor Class:  6
Hit Dice:  7
Attacks:  1 (bite, or weapon)
Damage:  1d6, or by weapon
Save:  L7
Morale:  8
Hoard Class:  XIV
XP:  2,540

Tapiroids are nocturnal, 5' tall beings that live in small family bands.  Being hemophiliacs in the merciless Mutant Future, they are shy and secretive, and have evolved powerful mental mutations to avoid and deter conflict.  Each tapiroid has a WIL score of  10+1d6.

Tapiroids prefer heavily wooded environs, and often travel along lake and river bottoms to mask their travels.  Their prominent snouts can further elongate another 1-2' to serve as (rather clumsy) extra limbs, or makeshift snorkels.

Mutations:  Disintegration, Enhanced Vision (Night), Force Screen (Greater), Hemophilia [D], Mental Phantasm, Prehensile Tail (Modified)


  1. I will have to show solidarity with my clotting factor deficient brethren and support the tapiroids.

  2. You have some really great posts...
    and many of your creature design are just Awesome...
    We play a Lot of Spore... and your creations show us many different design ideas to incorporate... We especially enjoy your "Movie Monsters"... this will further "flesh-out" my Galaxy as well... currently going over your posts for 2011...
    Thank you for doing these wonderful posts...

  3. Been having a great time going through your past posts...
    Some of your many Creature Designs are great for incorporating into the "Monsters" that we make for our Spore Galaxy....
    So we posted a "Shout-Out" on your great blog...