Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tales To Flabbergast Presents... THE EGOTISTICAL GAMMARILLA!!!


F             EX (20)
A             IN (40)
S             IN (40)
E             EX (20)
R             TY (6)
I               GD (10)
P             GD (10)

Health:  120
Karma:  26
Resources:  RM (30)
Popularity:  TY (6)

Real Name:  Mitzi FItz-Hugh
Occupation:  Teenage spoiled brat
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record... yet
Identity:  Secret
Other Known Aliases: None
Place of Birth:  New York, New York
Marital Status:  Underage
Known Relatives / Relationships:  Angus Fitz-Hugh (industrialist father), Collette Fitzh-Hugh (socialite mother), Mistress Agnes Robbins (au pair), Radley Hellerman (chauffeur)
Base of Operations:  Campaign City, USA
Past Group Affiliations:  None
Present Group Affiliation:  PC Team

Irradiated Ape Body:  Mitzi can transform her 5'4" frame into that of an 8'-tall, 800-pound, green gorilla, granting:
  • Body Armor against physical attacks at Remarkable rank, and energy attacks at Good rank..
  • Resistance To Radiation at Excellent rank.
Gamma-Blasts:  Can hurl green energy at Good rank.

Talents:  Heir To Fortune

Contacts:  None (even Radley, her chauffeur, dispises her)

She's the kind of kid that inspires Oompa Loompas to song.

Teenage Mitzi Fitz-Hugh is the stereotypical "mean girl", being wealthy, gorgeous, and better than you... which makes it all the more ironic that her superhuman form is that of a giant, smelly, shaggy, glowing, male ape.  She constantly gripes about the unfairness of her abilities, especially when her lessers got much cooler—and lest disgusting—stuff.


Mitzi secretly relishes the newfound power and freedom provided by her transformation.  The trappings of upper-crust life fade away, with no need for frilly dresses, or being "a lady", or using proper forks, or being seen and not heard, when she's hurling cars and smashing walls and pummeling losers.

Deep down, maybe, just maybe... all that Mitzi Fitz-Hugh needs is a hug...? 

Awful alpha-female of the cool clique, Mitzi Fitz-Hugh, wouldn't have been on the bus the fateful day of the incident at Rick Jones' Locker had her limo not broken down.  She can't believe it was happenstance, as that insolent chauffeur most likely damaged the car on purpose to torment her.

And she especially can't believe that one of those nameless dweebs in the Dungeons & Dorkuses club "accidentally" shot her with some stupid laser-thing while she was modeling a fur coat that would've driven those PETA freaks bonkers.

And she super-mega-extra can't believe that the combination of green beam and animal hide grafted to her body, granting her the ability to shift almost entirely into a hulking, gamma-powered primate.  A MALE ONE.

Ugh, the indignity.  And worst of all is the press sticking her with a series of terrible nicknames, like "Gammarilla Girl" and "The Savage She-Monkey" and "Seedless Grape Ape".  She decided to own Gammarilla purely out of spite.

I'm gonzo for funnybook gorillas.  Ask anybody.  Probably best not me, though, as I can wax primateic for hours about 'em (particularly DC's "purple gorillas on comic covers" craze).

My dice were on fire for Mitzi's stats, getting a GD, EX, TY, IN, RM, GD, and EX.  Being of Altered Human origin, I upped that RM to another IN, and put all those high numbers into physicality.  Her Power ranks aren't all that, but they are in keeping with her inspiration.

I wager the contraption that blasted her came from The Leader's arsenal, while the glamorous fur was provided by The Headmen Of Manhattan Collection.

  • The Leader is The Hulk's arch-enemy --> Rick Jones!!!
  • The Headmen are The Defenders' arch-enemies --> The Hulk is a Defender --> Rick Jones!!!