Sunday, July 10, 2011

"B" is for "Borer Blimp"

Borer Blimp

Hit Dice:  6
Frame:  Armature
Locomotion:  Thruster
Manipulators:  Special-Use Gripper
Armor:  Duraplastic (AC 5)
Sensors:  Class V
Mental Programming:  Programming
Accessories:  Robolink
Weaponry:  Carbine or Automatic Rifle
XP:  570

Borer blimps are 5' long, lightweight robots that were used in terrestrial and off-world mining operations, particularly in cavern complexes deemed too narrow, too inaccessible, or too dangerous for conventional mining machines and/or human beings.  They slowly floated along corridors, zeroing in on precious metals and elements with their acute sensors, and then extracted their finds with laser-drills and piston-chisels.  Too delicate to cart materials themselves, borer blimps worked in tandem with haulbots.

A borer blimp attacks 3 times per round, with its drillbit doing 2d10+6 damage and its arm-picks doing 1d8+2 damage each.  And in volatile regions prone to labor unrest and rioting, they were equipped with carbines or assault rifles.