Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mutants In The News — "Fish N' (Mortar) Chips" Edition

Catching up on lots of post-holiday mutie news.  Reviews, new monsters, and campaign materials coming pronto!

)  As they've been the stars of some of our very favorite flicks, piranhas are near and dear to us at A Field Guide To Doomsday.  So we gleefully report that scientists have determined piranhas (both prehistoric and  modern) have the strongest bites relative to their sizes, biting "with a force more than 30 times [their] weight, a remarkable feat yet unmatched among vertebrates."  They even beat out the jaw-some megalodon in chomptastic prowess!!!

) There's clearly something in the water (*snort*) when it comes to mini-mutant toys, what with the new LEGO "Legends Of Chima" sets and the revived Battle Beasts "Beast Saga" line (which we've mentioned before).  It's an embarrassment of radioactive riches!!!

But artist Hauke Scheer has given us just about the most mutastic beasties of all in the form of his psionic, armored Mechawhales!!!

  (All art and designs are his...just posting them for promotional purposes!)

These are some superb surly cybernetic cetaceans, and they go perfectly with plenty of our previously posted aquatic enemies.

Be sure to check out the Mechawhales link for bios, more art, and videos!!!  And you can buy the figure here!!!

)  The BBC has a snazzy article about self-cleaning, energy-generating, food-producing *cue Futurama cryo-technician voice* BUILDINGS OF THE FUTURE!!!

"Edible edifices," they say...