Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mutants In The News—"An Entire Campaign In One Picture" Edition

Yeah, yeah...this is neither real news, nor current, nor particularly mutant-y.  But it's just too freaking cool not to share.

Courtesy of Monster Brains—which EVERYONE should have bookmarked—is the Hungarian one-sheet poster for 1979's Alien.


Stars.  Spaceships.  Energies.  And a planetoid that shows what happened when The Hall Of Doom grew a body, flew away, and died in the sparkly depths of space.

I'm want to compose an entire prog-rock opera around that picture, and I don't know squat about music. THAT'S how awesome it is.

Carcosa.  X-Plorers.  Encounter Critical.  Even Mutant Future.  Any and all of those games/supplements can put a giant, craggy corpse-world to good use.