Saturday, October 3, 2015

"What's Nuked, Scooby-Doomsday?" — Tempusite


No. Enc.:  1 (1d4)
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement:  120' (40')
Armor Class:  2
Hit Dice:  9
Attacks:  2 or 1 (2 claws, or 1 weapon)
Damage:  1d10 / 1d10, or by weapon
Save:  L9
Morale:  8
Hoard Class:  XXI
XP:  3,800

Tempusites are 8'-tall insectoids with hunched, spindly bodies covered in both thick chitin and shaggy hair.  They are freakishly strong, and can deadlift bulky debris and hurl it up to 50' for 6d6 damage.

The beings hail from the Year 5000. Tempusites "infest" teleporters, time machines, and other Ancient / extraterrestrial devices that breach the dimensions [meaning their Plane Shift is dependent on technology of opportunity], and have but one goal:  to drag anything not nailed down—artifacts, wealth, and even living victims—into the far-flung future!  The sinister purposes behind their thievery and kidnapping is unknown.

Tempusites speak all known languages in a halting growl.

Mutations:  Fear GenerationPlane Shift (modified)

Inspired by The Scooby-Doo Show episode #24, "The Creepy Cruise" (1977).

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