Monday, February 13, 2012

"Who Will Save New Jersey?"

Saturday night, I took The Woman to see The Toxic Avenger musical in beautiful downtown Houston.  Front row, center seats, final performance.  I even put on cologne.  Yeah, I knows how to show a broad a good time.

It's a gloriously giddy piece of Pop Culture trash, and the game and energetic cast deserves praise by the rusted, leaking drumful (particularly Nancy Opel, who does a rowdy dueling duet with herself that involves ridiculous 2-second costume changes.)  I'm not qualified to review Theatre-with-a-capital-T, but we had a great, great time.

And I think my favorite part was watching the mink-stole-and-tuxedo bluebloods laughing themselves silly at what may have been their very first encounter with Troma.  I would love to be a fly on the wall of their home theatres if they rushed out and bought the original movie.

If you like mutants, music, and mayhem, go see it if a roadshow comes to your town.