Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Uranium In The Brainium...

...makes one insanium in the cranium.  (I'm pretty sure that's a line from the classic ol' skool joint, Life In Tha Manhattan Projectz, by Rob "MC Bombfather" Oppenheimer and Enrico "DJ Enfermo" Fermi.  Hip-hop hasn't been the same since they disbanded.)

I've never gone this long between posts before,

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, with two cons (Comicpalooza and North Texas RPG Con) and their requisite hijinks, family obligations (sooooo many birthdays near Mother's Day), work wonkiness (can you believe they expect me to do things?!), and absolutely maddening Random Encounters (like two separate, unrelated, utterly pointless car break-ins, and the corresponding repairs, replacements, and rage...and just what are they going to do with all those Heroclix, anyway?).

Oh, yeah.  I'm also getting hitched in two weeks, so there's all that rigmarole.

I'm so drained, I even put my Mutant Future and DCC campaigns on hold until July...AND THAT SIMPLY DOESN'T HAPPEN.

But I swear I've got tons of stuff in the pipeline.  The neurons are just slow, ya dig?

So lemme catch my breath and mainline this keg of Brawndo, and I'll be rarin' to go. Assuming the arrhythmia doesn't kill me first, of course.

Thanks for your patience.