Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mutants In The News — "Chickens Come Home To Roost" Edition

And their labors have hatched!  

Just check out the majesty provided by master painter, Chad Lascelles!

And here's the rest of the figs, unassembled and unpainted!

Check out the eyepatch on the rightmost rabboid!!!
In the Mutant Future, cyclops-chicken-with-a-molotov fries YOU up!!!

Buggoids gone bonkers!!!

Syd & Marty Krofft WILL NEVER DIE!!!

Man.  I haven't slopped paint on minis since I was about 14, and there is NO WAY I'm gonna make them look as spiffy as ol' General Cluck up there.  Daunting!

Good Mr. McRae assures me that more miniatures are in the works, and that he'll have a website up sooner than later.  You'll definitely want to send him some sweet, sweet lucre in exchange for his special brand of post-apocalyptic goods and services.

Thanks again, Interloper!

(I would've posted about these about a month ago, except I kinda-sorta lost the package they mailed back in June in a deluge of wedding gifts.  The little critters got boxed in a crockpot, of all things. Yeesh.)