Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mutants In The News — "Mini-Mutants Amok" Edition

It's no secret 'round these parts that I've loved and collected mutant toys in all their glory since I was a wee one, but Lego just released just about my favorite mutanimals of all time as part of their Legends Of Chima line.

The Villains:  Crawley, Winzar, and Razcal

I mean, just look at that art.  Makes great Mutant Future or Gamma World portraits, right?

And thanks to a certain someone having some spare birthday loot, here's how they look in person!

Freaktastic Four Forever!!!

(The batty-man is from a different series entirely, but he's always welcome to hang with his fellow evil animals.)


Crawley, and his Claw Ripper

DC's lawyers want to talk to you, Vampire Bat....

Razcal's Glider

Winzar's Pack Patrol

I love how the vehicles look all creature-iffic.

And last month, our friend Brutorz Bill challenged some brave souls out there to stat up a mighty Chima vehicle for Mutant Future...and I accept!  Once I get my hands on the set, I'm TOTALLY gonna blog-ify it.