Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm A River To My People. A Glowing, Radioactive River. Full Of Toxic Monstrosities.

Well, color me giddy.  (You can find that in your Crayola box between "Aflutter" and "Nervously Queasy".)

I'm not really sure what they're thinking, but those mad bikers of the apocalypse over at Skirmisher Publishing—you know, the deviants behind the best 99¢ you can spend on gaming PDFs, the snazzy Wisdom From The Wastelands—invited me to run The Ruins Of Woebrook at this year's Comicpalooza show.  Nifty!

And I'll be hosting a pre-game seminar (no, I can't believe I get to use that word, either) on how to make your very own mutant for the event.  Because if there's anything I've learned as a Mutant Lord, it's that the judicious application of random mutations make adventures shine.  You just never know when the ability to shapeshift into a man-sized worm that slithers through the dungeon's ruin's plumbing will come in handy.  (Yes, I've truly seen it happen...and it was as awesomely ridiculous as it sounds.)

The schedule's here for all the other snazzy games planned (sweet spermatazoa of Krakatoa...LOWLIFE!), but my timeslot is from 1pm-6pm on Saturday, May 25th.

If you're a local, come slang some dice...and if you're not, buy an airline ticket and come to Texas.  It'll be a hoot AND a holler!