Friday, July 1, 2011

"S" is for "Sundoom"


No. Enc.:  1d6 (2d6)
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement:  90' (30') 
Armor Class:  7
Hit Dice:  4+2
Attacks:  3 or 1 (2 claws, 1 bite, or 1 weapon)
Damage:  1d6 / 1d6 / 1d10, or by weapon
Save:  L4
Morale:  10
Hoard Class:  VI
XP:  515

Sundooms are man-sized, vaguely-humanoid plants with slender stems,  powerful limbs, and enormous fanged maws.  They favor hot and humid environs, and form thuggish clans that plunder and despoil their habitats.  While technically sentient, they truly stretch the definition of the word.

Sundooms secrete a frictionless, oily substance that allows them to "glide" across the landscape.  They can also discharge a slick 20' in diameter of the same liquid, and anyone caught within must make an Ability Check Versus Dexterity or slip and stumble for 1d6 rounds.  Those falling prone suffer an effective +2 penalty to their Armor Class, and a -2 penalty for all To Hit rolls.  The Increased Balance Physical Mutation negates this effect.

For every 6 assembled sundooms, there will be a Moondoom "leader" present (who may or may not be active, depending on the time of day).

Mutations:  Animal Limbs, Carnivore, Free Movement, Full Senses, Toxic Weapon ("Oil Slick")


No. Enc.:  1 (1d3)
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement:  75' (25') 
Armor Class:  6
Hit Dice:  5+2
Attacks:  3 or 1 (2 claws, 1 bite, or 1 weapon)
Damage:  1d6 / 1d6 / 1d10, or by weapon
Save:  L5
Morale:  10
Hoard Class:  VII
XP:  1,860

While still brutal and primitive, Moondooms are craftier and sneakier than their diurnal brethren.  They browbeat roving bands of sundooms into more effective fighting units, and lead nighttime raids on settlements and caravans.

Moondooms are also canny enough to make bargains, but whether they uphold them is another matter entirely....

Mutations:  Animal Limbs, Carnivore, Damage Turning, Free Movement, Full Senses, Mind Thrust, Nocturnal [D], Toxic Weapon ("Oil Slick")