Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"S" is for "Splicesaur — Kylon"

Splicesaur — Kylon (Female)

No. Enc.:  1d4
Alignment:  Any
Movement:  60' (30')
Armor Class:  1
Hit Dice:  15
Attacks:  1 (tail, or by weapon)
Damage:  2d8, or by weapon
Save:  L15
Morale:  8
Hoard Class:  XXII
XP:  6,900

Kylons are ponderous, 14' tall bipeds that weigh well over a ton.  Their blue-scaled, bony bodies are covered in assorted nodules, spikes, and plates.

The females rule the species, and any given tribe's temperament is governed by its leaders' Alignment.  Chaotic-natured kylons (the most common encountered) lean towards decadence, indulgence, and corruption, and grow fat on the spoils plundered from neighboring sentients.

Kylons can use Ancient technology, but require modifications for their bulk.

Mutations:  Energy-Retaining Cell Structure, Mental Phantasm, MetaconcertNeural Telepathy, Pain Insensitivity [D], Teleport

Splicesaur — Kylon (Male)

No. Enc.:  4d6
Alignment:  Any
Movement:  105' (35')
Armor Class:  3
Hit Dice:  10
Attacks:  1 (gore, tail, or weapon)
Damage:  2d8, or 2d6, or by weapon
Save:  L12
Morale:  11
Hoard Class:  XXII
XP:  2,400

Male kylons are the smaller of their species, averaging 9' tall (though appearing much larger with their antlers) and weighing over a half-ton.  These imbeciles barely possess two brain cells to rub together, but compensate with a gleeful propensity for stabbing, stomping, and bludgeoning.

Male kylons serve as worker drones for their females, and forage, guard, and attack as commanded.

Mutations:  Atrophied Cerebellum [D], Energy-Retaining Cell Structure