Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"A" is for "Arguduck"


No. Enc.:  0 (1d6)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement:  45' (15')
          Fly:  120' (60')
          Swim:  45' (15')
Armor Class:  1
Hit Dice:  3
Attacks:  1 (bite)
Damage:  1d4
Save:  L2
Morale:  8
Hoard Class:  None
XP:  200

Arguducks are 2' tall creatures that congregate in wetlands and near sources of plentiful fresh water.  They are typically white or mottled brown, with males sometimes having green and brown plumage.

Each arguduck possesses three primary eyes, and 3d6 eyestalks of varying length, shape, and color.   From these eyes, arguducks can fire up to three Energy Rays (type determined randomly, with duplicates allowed).  Multiple Rays can be fired in the same round—even at different targets—but most arguducks stagger their attacks so one Ray is always available while the others recharge.

Arguducks are never surprised, nor are they ever blinded; their sheer number of eyes ensure some are always open while others are blinking.  And their hyper-aware consciousnesses make them extremely difficult to hit in combat.

Some suggest arguducks may be sentient.

Mated pairs lay 1d6 eggs.  Eating a raw arguduck egg grants 1 random beneficial Mental Mutation, but at a costthe subject has to endure 18 hours of paralyzing, debilitating hallucinations, and after the ordeal, suffers a temporary loss of -4 DEX for 1d4 days.

Mutations:  Energy Ray (Any) (x3), Increased Sense (Vision), Increased Willpower, Mind Reflection, Precognition, Unique Sense (360-Degree Vision)