Monday, July 28, 2014

"H" is for "Hippoid" [Metamorphosis Alpha Version]


Number Usually Appearing:  1-3
Armor Class:  3
Movement (Yards / Turn):  8
Hit Dice:  9

Mutations:  Heightened Brain Talent, Heightened Intelligence, New Body Parts (Photosynthetic Skin), No Sensory Nerve Endings [D], Telekinesis

Hippoid (Hippopotamus):  This gregarious, creative biped stands a beefy 7' tall and is wholly immune to pain.  Hippoids are skilled body modification artisans, and each sports numerous tattoos, piercings, implants, and decorative scars / brands.

The creatures are psionically attuned to electrical current, and with minimal concentration, can pinpoint the location of any functional artifacts within a one-mile radius.  Hippoids are also photosynthetic, and heal 4x as quickly in lit environs; conversely, they move 50% slower in the dark, and suffer -2 to Saving Throws versus temperature-related attacks.