Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mutants In The News — "Everyone Needs More -OIDs!" Edition

There's new mutant minis afoot!

There are multiple tiers that include such mutalicious menaces as "Techno Terrors", "Human Survivors", "Anthro Aggressors", and "Mutant Monsters".

Metamorphosis Alpha creator Jim Ward himself will be writing an adventure and a bestiary for the project, too!

Have some prototypes!

Mr. Ward is an Official Friend Of The Field Guide, so I'm always happy to put money in his pocket.

(And there's even a pie chart of how the finances break down.  Licensing fees always interest me.)

Anyhow, give them some moolah.  Even if you don't need minis, a measly $10 still gets you both PDFs of Mr. Ward's scribblin's!