Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"B" is for "Brino"


No. Enc.:  0 (1d12)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement:  0' (0')
    —Swim:  60' (20')
Armor Class:  4
Hit Dice:  6
Attacks:  1 (bite)
Damage:  1d8
Save:  L3
Morale:  8
Hoard Class:  None
XP:  1,070

Preying on fish and crustaceans lured by their phosphorescent filaments, the scaly 2-3 ton brinos languidly drift through polluted seas.  Their prominent barbels discharge electric shocks.

Venomous spines line a brino's back and fins, which inflict 1d6 damage and inject a Class 11 paralyzing neurotoxin upon contact.

Brinos often surface at night to engage in strangely beautiful courtship rituals consisting of strobing flashes and resonant lowing.

Mutations:  Energy Ray (Electricity), Spiny Growth (Medium), Toxic Weapon (Venom)