Saturday, April 6, 2013

"C" is for "Cinnaman"

Cinnaman  ("Cinnobite")

No. Enc.:  1d8 (4d6)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement:  18' (6')
Armor Class:  4
Hit Dice:  11
Attacks:  1 (fist, or trample, or weapon)
Damage:  1d4, or 3d6, or by weapon
Save:  L8
Morale:  8
Hoard Class:  XV
XP:  10,000

Cinnamen are rotund, sparsely-haired humanoids that stand 4’-5’ tall and measure twice as wide.  They are so blubbery, their genders are indeterminate.  Their pasty, doughy hides continually excrete a sticky glaze (Poison Class 6) that induces systemic shock with its hyper-absorptive super-sweetness.  Cinnamen only ingest mush and slurries, as their teeth rot away in infancy.  They are immune to all known diseases and toxins.

When a cinnaman successfully strikes with a fist attack, it adheres to its target; each round thereafter, it freely pummels with its other fist or melee weapon for automatic damage.  Those stuck must make an Ability Check Vs STR at a +2 penalty to escape.  Cinnamen also slam foes with their prodigious bulk, knocking them prone and Trampling (+4 To Hit).  Possessions crushed by the overweight onslaught are up to the Mutant Lord.

Evidence suggests that the cinnamen devolved into their current forms from decades of exposure to certain Ancient foodstuffs....

Mutations:  Accumulated Resistance (Radiation), Dermal Poison Slime, Obese (x2) [D], Metaconcert, Mind Thrust, Optic Emissions (Bright Eyes), Reduced Oxygen Efficiency [D], Reflective Epidermis (Cold, Electricity, Heat)