Friday, February 8, 2013

Radioactive Review — 'Wisdom From The Wastelands #15: Robots, Part 1'


Longer Review:

Wisdom From The Wastelands #15:  Robots, Part 1 features 8 all-new robots and 11 all-different gadgets with which to outfit them.

I figgered I'd read it all as far as post-apocalyptic 'bots go (I mean, how many permutations on the word "deathbot" are out there, anyway...?), but the descriptions are so evocative—and effortlessly, casually so—that I was struck with at least a dozen campaign ideas.  And they just kept on flowing afterwards.

Man, I was EXCITED after finishing WFTF #15.  Just totally got the itch to start up my game again.  It's that good.

Because I want you to give The Esteemed Derek Holland and The Skirmisher Publishing Crew your money, I'm going to be vague about the specific contents.  But here's some random quotes that really got me jazzed:

"Hunters do not know if they have food for the table or spare parts for their artifacts until they butcher their game."

"Now they wander the wastes, collecting and protecting everything that relates to their exhibits."

"Some nations became so desperate they created [them] for government and military officials, and designed deathbots for everyone else."

"Most...have become dictators of flesh and metal communities...."

"Some rule, some serve, and some serve ungrateful or poor customers to their next customers."

"The rest have gone insane...and cause their students to also go insane."

And here's two words from the weaponry section that should make any Mutant Lord giddy: Phase.  Rocket.

Hands down, WFTW #15 is my favorite issue of the series so far.  It eschews the usual dry crunch of the line and heaps on the flavor.

Why haven't you bought it already?

"T" is for "Taktoc"


No. Enc.:  1d4 (1d6)
Alignment:  Neutral or Chaotic
Movement:  150' (50')
Armor Class:  4
Hit Dice:  4+2
Attacks:  4 (4 tentacles) or 1 (weapon)
Damage:  1d4 / 1d4 / 1d4 / 1d4, or by weapon
Save:  L4
Morale:  8
Hoard Class:  XIV
XP:  515

Taktocs are 8' tall, terrestrial cephalopoids that favor humid, verdant environs.  Ornery (WIL 13+1d8) creatures, they wage war with their own kind as often as they do Pure and Mutated Human settlements.

Each taktoc possesses 7 facial tentacles.  The 4 shortest shred food with razored nodules, while the 3 longer, trunk-like appendages manipulate Ancient weapons and artifacts with ease.

Taktocs communicate through a complex series of whistles, tentacular gestures, and shifts in body coloration.  It's should come as no surprise that most encounters with them go horribly, horribly awry.

Mutations:  Body Adjustment, Disintegration, Increased Balance, Increased Willpower, Optic Emissions (Gamma Eyes)