Friday, June 15, 2012

Apocalinks Now

Well, so much for those regular updates.  Ugh.

Yep, it's been a rough few months here at A Field Guide To Doomsday, and I'm playing catch-up.  I have a backlog of reviews to post, plus some belated links to pimp, and more Fire In The Jungle beasties.  And then there's my own material, which has been backburnered due to a sheer lack of energy.  My creative juices usually kick into overdrive when  I'm stressed,  I'm tired, y'all.

I owe you people an apology.

So here's a picture of a cat.  A MUTANT cat.  You Internet types like cats, right?  That's still a thing?

Let me get to those links.

)  Brian Wood at emailed me, asking for a shout-out.  Who am I to refuse such moxie?

Awesome Dice carries a handful of my Gamescience (my brand of choice) polyhedral sets, but their glow-in-the-dark options are perfect for all my post-apocalyptic needs.  (They'd also be great for my Champions character, Rex Radium—Atomic Detective.  I need to play that guy again.)  I ordered both sets shown below:

)  Derek Holland is one of The Main Men behind material for Mutant Future, and his blog (over at the Skirmisher Publishing site, the crew who put out the Wisdom From The Wastelands series) is a never-ending source of dandy stuff for multiple genres.  He wanted me to draw attention to his Gearhead character class, who "break[s] the laws of physics with [its] artifacts."  There is some serious Thundarr-age all up in there.

)  This week marked the debut of Outland Arts' Pitford: Gateway To The Ruins supplement for The Mutant Epoch rpg.  I've wanted to do so much more with this game than I have, because it hits some gritty buttons I often fail to consider in my own GMing.

It's available both in PDF and hardcopy!

)  Oh, yeah...speaking of Fire In The Jungle, Mr. Dustin Brandt has a new supplement out!  Across The Dark Wide Jungle is a sequel to his prior work.  Only $5, so send him some scratch!