Friday, June 14, 2013

Friends In Lowly Places

At Comicpalooza a few weeks back (which I attended as part of Skirmisher Publishing's entourage, which still boggles that they graciously and generously invited this reprobate along), I had the pleasure of hanging out with designer and artiste extraordinaire Andy Hopp, he of the surreal and snazzy Low Life supplement for the Savage Worlds engine.

If you're not familiar with the material, it's a post-post-post-apocalyptic Earth where plural 'ageddons (nukes, pollutants, aliens, comets, returned lost continents—ALL the biggies) turned our pristine blue-green marble into a grey-green glob of gunk.

Gone are the humans, flora, and fauna.  Now, "Planet Oith" is ruled by arthropods, annelids, sludges, weirdos, not-so-extra-terrestrials...and sentient snack cakes.

It's goofy.  It's giddy.  It's delirious.  It's diphtherious.  And it out-gonzos everything.

The art is what really does it for me.  Just check out these Dr.-Seuss-on-LSD beauties:

The Playable Races

The Same...But Now, In Glorious Black & White!

I've always wanted to do something for Low Life, but didn't think it really fit my oh-so-serious mutant musings.  But the delightful, demented, and all-around deranged Mr. Hopp got me off my mental keister, and  set my inspirational slops a' slitherin'.  So expect to see some Mutant Future-y interpretations soon.

Seriously.  Just look at that guy.  THE FACE OF MADNESS.
(The bastard love-clone of Danny Devito and Dr. Emmett Brown, perhaps...?)

Oh, yeah!  There's a Kickstarter available, where you can give money and get cool swag in return; medium of exchange, meet goods and services!  AND you're supporting a revised edition of the core sourcebook.

I've pledged, so what more of a recommendation do you need?  GIVE THIS PROJECT ALL YOUR MONIES!!!

Do it.  Click right here.  You know you want to.

Radioactive Review — 'Wisdom From The Wastelands #18: Robots, Part 3'

I've applauded and raved about The Skirmisher Gang's great, Great, GREAT robot supplements.  They're by far my favorite Wisdom From The Wastelands releases, as they forgo rules crunch and instead slop on heapin' helpin's o' flavor.

Mmmmm.  Flavor-slop.

WFTW #18:  Robots, Part 3 carries on the grand tradition.  And it's infused with sly humor, which goes such a long way with me.  Oh, if only the dry biology supplements of which I haven't been fond had the same!  Seriously, Skirmishers...that's the secret with this reviewer.

Because I want you to give them your money, I'll only tantalize you with some choice bits. You'll have to learn the context yourselves, which can be had for less than the price of a fast food soft taco!

)  "...resembles a gore-spattered medical table with several spider-like articulated limbs...."

)  "Anyone suffering this attack must Save Versus Death at -8 or become a robotic slave."

)  "Currently active (and bored) powerbots often use the anything stepping on them will be electrocuted."

)  "...some ranchbots have taken to sterilizing both livestock and people...or, simply age them to death."

)  "Those that returned from faster-than-light testing went mad, and all of them have twitches."

)  "A variant...was used to collect people for the lunar prisons."

)  "Unfortunately, when the cataclysm struck, the sky was full of falling, burning homes and most were turned to scrap when they smashed into the ground."

And my absolute favorite, which made me cackle right here in my cubicle:

)  "It can also turn invisible, something useful for a 50' tall robot."


Rounding out the issue are 6 new robo-cessories and 2 new armaments.  You can never have too many robo-cessories.

Buy it here.