Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rebranding! All New...And Improved!

I expanded my Post-Apocalyptic Naming Guide, and tried to put it into convenient table form...but creating a table in Blogger is a nigh-impossible nightmare. 

After too many hours and too many web searches, this is the prettiest I could make it.  I apologize in advance for its clunkiness, and the inability to print it.  I guess I can email the original table, if anyone wants it.

I also posted a link (under Radioactive Resources) off to the side, so y'all can find it later.

You know the drill.  Roll 'em, or mix and match to your heart's content.  (Some sound more gender-specific than others, but I didn't want to limit them like that.)  Be sure to scroll up and down on the chart itself, as the numbers go 1-20.

And I gotta say that Bic Marlboro—Raygun For Hire gives me the giggles.


  1. "Fanta Goodyear, famed chanteuse of the Desolation Cafe."

  2. Fan of Brawndo Canon myself. Name could work as modern gumshoe as well. I can almost see a TV spot as well!

  3. Jolt Nyquil - Super Fast mutant, with a touch of Narcolepsy!

  4. That's the spirit, gentlemen!

    (And I my Mutant Future game was completely lacking in chanteuses...consider both her and the cafe yoinked. Thank you, Mr. Trey.)