Friday, October 16, 2015

"What's Nuked, Scooby-Doomsday?" — Blister Witch

Blister Witch

No. Enc.:  1 (1d4)
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement:  150' (50')
Armor Class:  3
Hit Dice:  12
Attacks:  1 (touch)
Damage:  6d6
Save:  L12
Morale:  9
Hoard Class:  XXII
XP:  7,600

The nocturnal blister witches are fanged, floating females with alabaster skin and wild, wiry chartreuse hair.  And that's wiry in the literal sense, as it's composed of jabbing copper filaments.  Blister witches levitate up to 5' off the ground, and their teleportation is heralded by clouds of green vapor.

Blister witches generate incandescent electrical fields (meaning they only Surprise on a 1 on 1d6) and secrete sizzling acid, so their touches are devastating.  They also regenerate 10 HP per round, and resurrect 1d6 weeks after being killed by anything other than drowning (and water-based attacks inflict +2 damage per die).  Though fire doesn't cause them extra harm, blister witches panic around open flames of torch-size or larger.

Blister witches are as fond of revenge as they are purple...and they really, really love themselves some purple.  Rumors that blister witches can metamorph into dogs are wholly unsubstantiated...but they can possess them (or any other creature), hence the confusion.

Mutations:  Energy-Retaining Cell Structure, Enhanced Vision (Night)Fear Generation, Frailty (Water) [D]Phobia (Fire) [D], PossessionTeleportToxic Weapon (Acid)

Inspired by The Scooby-Doo Show episode #28, "To Switch A Witch" (1978).

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