Saturday, April 30, 2011

"X" is for "Xottle"

Xottle  ("Swamp Gobbler")

No. Enc.:  1d12 (4d12)
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement:  105' (35')
     —Swim:  90' (30')
Armor Class:  7
Hit Dice:  1
Attacks:  1 (bite, or weapon)
Damage:  1d4, or by weapon
Save:  L1
Morale:  7
Hoard Class:  II, VIII, XIII
XP:  16

Xottles are a savage race of pink, 3' tall amphibians with ravenous appetites and nasty temperaments.  They build ramshackle dwellings in wetlands and humid caves, and on the bottoms of lakes.  Xottles tend to despoil their environs with their gluttony, and having no agriculture or industry of their own, they raid the settlements of other sentients for food and supplies.

They attack with spears, tridents, clubs, and nets, and fashion traps (often poisoned) to bring down larger game.  Hunting parties wear hand-carved masks to better terrorize their foes, and such masks give Xottles +1 to their Morale, and reduce opponents' Morale by -1.

Xottle communities are ruled by the larger members of their race.  Xottle shamans have 2 HD and 1 beneficial Physical or Mental Mutation, and chieftans possess 3 HD and 1d3 beneficial Mutations.

Mutations:  Aberrant Form (Gills and Lungs)