Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome To The Jungle. Meet... The Green Tiger

Fire In The Jungle
, that is!

Green Tiger

No. Enc.:  1d3 (1d3)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement:  150' (50')
Armor Class:  5
Hit Dice:  5
Attacks:  3 (2 claws, 1 bite)
Damage:  1d3 / 1d3 / 1d6
Save:  L3
Morale:  8
Hoard Class:  VI
XP:  650

The elusive green tigers spend most of their lives sunning themselves in lush treetops, and only come down to hunt...but being photosynthetic, they do so purely for sport.  Their coloration and markings make them nigh-invisible in the overgrowth, and they Surprise on a 1-5 on 1d6.

Green tigers emit a pheromone that makes mutant plants—including Mutant Plant PCs—ignore them completely.  Any plant-based PC encountering a green tiger must make a successful Saving Throw Versus Stun to even perceive the beast, much less engage it in combat.  This roll can be made once per round.  

Green tiger pelts retain the above ability for 1d4 months after procurement, making them extremely valuable on the open market.

Mutations:  Aberrant Form ("Plant Passivity"), Epidermal Photosynthesis

Not-The-Designer's Notes:  Name and base stats by Dustin Brandt, as seen in his Fire In The Jungle supplement.  Download it today...or, even better, buy a print copy!