Friday, November 2, 2012

UGH. These Floorboards Are Disgustingly Sticky.

I can't believe I dropped that stupid sno-cone.  And I'll die happy if I never see another box of Red Hots.  Whoah—whose brassiere is this, anyway...?

32 days.
32 movies.
42 unique beasties.
12 new followers...breaking 100!
6 artifacts.
3 campaign settings.
2 diseases.
2 environmental hazards.
1 random chart.
And more consistent—and enthusiastic—comments than I've ever received.

It's been one helluva month.

We here at A Field Guide To Doomsday could not be more pleased with how Spawn Of Devastation Drive-In turned out.  As much as I love trashy movies and goofy monsters for their own merits (or, really, lacks thereof), you faithful readers made the project worthwhile.

Last year's Devastation Drive-In existed to simply tickle my own fancy.  But this year?  This year, it wasn't just for me.  It was about spreading awareness of obscure—if not outright forgotten—flicks.  It was about generating fun content that could see actual use at the gaming table.  It was about doing my best work as appreciation for your support, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

(And, let's be was also about size-shifting, dual-domed sharks that eat topless eye-candy.

The cinema.  The games.  The people.  The sharks.

My eyes are getting moist over here.

So thank you.  ALL of you.  And some extra big ups to The Cryptkeeper Crew at, and Mr. Timothy Brannan at The Other Side for his Monstrous Monday blog-a-thon.

Much love, y'all.

Things around these parts will be back to what passes for normal in the next few days.  I gotta recharge the ol' batteries with an honest-to-gods book...or five.