Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"P" is for "Pinnipoid — Walrusoid" [Metamorphosis Alpha Version]

Pinnipoid — Walrusoid

Number Usually Appearing:  1-4
Armor Class:  4
Movement (Yards Per Melee Turn):  15
Hit Dice:  9

Mutations:  Genius (Military, Scientific), Speed Increase, Symbiotic Attachment

Pinnipoid—Walrusoid (walrus):  This hulking biped stands 7' tall and is resistant to cold and electricity.  Though dim of wit and clumsy (-2 to all relevant Mental Resistance and Dexterity rolls), walrusoids are savant-like masters of strategy, tactics, and technology, and improve scavenged weapons and/or fabricate them outright.  They are also preternaturally fast for their bulk, and attack twice per turn.