Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't Mess With Wrexus

I draw ever closer to starting up my Mutant Future campaign, as I now have two PCs ready to go:  Penny The Craw, and a sixteen-foot tall turtle with heat-breath and some serious health woes named Grabthar (who goes by "Sniffles").

And no campaign is complete without a map...and here it is, courtesy of the guys at Hexographer.

Welcome to Gone-Woe, Wrexus.

Danger surrounds the small town of Gone-Woe and its sister village Walled Den, home of The Craw.

To the north lies Huntsvile, a barren land overrun with machines of Living Metal that stalk and trap human and mutant alike.  What hideous fate ultimately befalls their captives...?

In the northeast, the desperate, degenerate community of Grieveland is dying.  Will the rivalry between Grieveland and Gone-Woe finally come to bloodshed...?

The broken Woe-5 road leads to The Queen's Wood, the domain of the savage and mysterious Queen and her legions.  The time draws near when she expects her annual tribute, and her ever-increasing, ever-unreasonable demands may be unattainable this year....  And not far is the blighted, twisted Fearbrook, rumored to hide a graveyard of flying machines....

Braving The Wooded Lands down The Eye-45 road and across the Sandy Jack River leads to dangers unimaginable, like Woebrook to the southwest and the frontier town-slash-fortress known as Gunspoint to the south.  Travel to Gunspoint is forbidden by The Elders of Gone-Woe, but every young mutant longs to glimpse its fabled wonders....

And beyond that last bastion of civilization lies the sprawling ruins of Hugeston...and The Firesea...and Fangleton...and Fearlake (home of the NASTAR spaceport)...and the waterlogged spires of Graveston....

Watch out, players...the eyes of Wrexus are upon you!