Thursday, May 9, 2019

Tales To Flabbergast Presents... THE DUMBFOUNDING DISCO DEVIL!!!


F              EX (20)
A             RM (30)
S             TY (6)
E             GD (10)
R             TY (6)
I               TY (6)
P             TY (6)

Health:  66
Karma:  18
Resources:  GD (10)
Popularity:  TY (6)

Real Name:  Buck Sorensen
Occupation:  School bus driver 
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record...yet
Identity:  Secret
Other Known Aliases: None
Place of Birth:  St. Louis, MO
Marital Status:  Divorced
Known Relatives:  Dr. Katherine "Kitty" Beemis-Sorensen-Dudek-Huang (ex-wife), Thelma Sorensen (teenage daughter)
Base of Operations:  Campaign City, USA
Past Group Affiliations:  None
Present Group Affiliation:  PC Team

Pyrotechnic Pitchfork:  Like a spear, it's made of Good material and possesses Good strength.  Grants wielder:
  • Fire Generation at Incredible rank.
  • Light Manipulation at Incredible rank.
  • Sound Generation at Typical rank.

Rocket Skate-boots:  Grant Lightning Speed at Excellent rank, both forward and backward.

Talents:  Driving, Occult Lore, Performer (Roller Boogie), Repair / Tinkering

Contacts:  Crime ("Big Hoagie" McLean, bookie), Medicine (Ex-Wife, veterinarian).

If mustaches had power ranks, his would be Unearthly.

Disco Devil took to superheroing to gain the respect of his family and peers (and maybe make some scratchheroes get paid, right?), but being a chronic underachiever means he's always thiiiiiiiis close to supervillainy.  His heart's in the right place, but that place is lazy, shady, and kinda sleazy.  [Think "Scott Lang 's deadbeat uncle".]

Disco Devil boasts that his expertise (*snort*) of All Things Supernatural comes from mystic mastery over the Pyrotechnic Pitchfork, but he really just watched a lot of In Search Of... as a kid.

Perpetually down-on-his-luck school bus driver Buck Sorensen drove the fateful day of the incident at Rick Jones' Locker.  He made off with a demonic trident, a pair of high-tech skates, and a mirrored ball.

Sorensen knew these contraptions were His Big Chance, but he struggled for weeks because the trident didn't do squat, and the skates were damaged.  He mulled and pondered and stewed, but it wasn't until he was drunk in the tub as Alison Blaire's breakthrough song came over clock radio that inspiration struck like a laser on fog machine clouds.  Sorensen modified the trident with karaoke equipment from his defunct DJ business and "borrowed" car parts, and fixed the skates (which housed hidden mini-engines, which was boss).  With the addition of his championship "Mr. Groove-Thang '77" duds (they still fit!) and the remainders from a pop-up Halloween store, lo, the Disco Devil arose!

(Oh, and the ball?  Sorensen hung it proudly in his studio apartment to help the plentiful lava lamps "make panties melt even faster".  Ugh.)

If there's two things coded into my DNA, they're disco and Satanism.  Blame terrible 1970s parenting.

My random stat rolls were:  TY, GD, FE, TY, EX, TY, RM.  Legit diced a 94 (excellent!) and a 98 (remarkable!), which was a great counterbalance to the 06 that came up Feeble.  I pumped that sad boy with the +2 Reason Column Shifts granted by a Hi-Tech origin, bringing my brains up to a whopping Typical.  And couldn't be happier with how the Power Ranks shook out, either—ol' Buck clearly rolled ridiculously well on his Repair / Tinkering rolls!

The four Talents were a total surprise.  Trying to fill the slots generated the backstory and personality..

Buck's long-suffering ex, Katherine, is a Proud Black Woman Who Is Sick Of His Nonsense, but she has a soft spot for the lug.  When he eventually shows up on her doorstep beaten and bloody (like he did plenty before ever donning a costume), she'll tear him a new one but still treat his wounds with pet meds.  Buck's daughter, Thelma, adores and supports him, even if she thinks he's ridiculous.

In my head-canon, Disco Devil, Razorback, The Hypno-Hustler, and Stunt-Master have a regular poker game spawned from sharing the same bookie.  Gambling winnings account for Sorensen's Good Resources.

Buck looks amazing for a man in his sixties, like he just stepped out of a copy of Playgirl.  Maybe the trident had some residual mojo after all...?

  • The Son Of Satan is a Defender --> Hulk is a Defender --> RICK JONES!!!
  • Dazzler dated The Beast --> The Beast is an Avenger --> RICK JONES!!!
  • Blue Streak fought Captain America --> Captain America is a certain someone's mentor!!!