Monday, August 29, 2016

Apeocalypse, Wow!

The esteemed Trey Causey, Official Friend Of The Field Guide, is running a nifty 1970s ape-thang.

Here is my character, created as a Pure Human with the Mutant Future rules (with added skills via Stars Without Number; I think we're also maybe using the default D&D ability mods?). Stats were generated via "4d6, drop the lowest, place, and ignore the +3 Pure Human attribute bonuses", so don't begrudge me his rockin' scores.

Dr. Conrad "Rip" Ripper
Two-Fisted Space-Psychiatrist

Character Type:  Mission Specialist
Alignment:  Heroic Impulsive

Level:  1
Hit Points:  78
Armor Class:  Whatever A Spacesuit Is (7?)
Movement:  Towards The Action

STR:  14 (+1)
DEX:  11  (-)
CON:  15  (+1)
INT:  17  (+2)
WIL:  15  (+1)
CHA:  15  (+1)


)  Perception
)  Profession (Psychiatry)
)  Science!
)  Tech (Medic)

To Hit / Damage (Melee) / Forcing Doors:  +1
To Hit (Missile):  -
AC:  -
Technology Rolls:  +10%
Reaction Adjustment:  -1

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks:  15
Poison / Death:  12
Stun Attacks:  14
Radiation:  13

Mutations:  None

)  Fists (1d3+1)

)  All-Purpose "Space Gear" (looted from our stasis-satellite)

)  Pipe and Tobacco

XP:  None Yet (but plenty earned at The Med School Of Hard Knocks)

Dr. Conrad "Rip" Ripper believes in handling problems head-on, whether they're deeply-rooted neuroses, mouthy drunks, or jaguars / robots / Commies / aliens / ape-men that need barrels thrown at their heads.

And while he may first lay you flat, Rip will gladly discuss your feelings, life choices, and maternal figures that led you to such an unfortunately necessary comeuppance.  See, he truly wants to help you, even if it requires a prescription-strength sock to the jaw.  This sometimes gets him into trouble when patients don't want his vigorous brand of therapy.

Rip is never without his trusty pipe [he unofficially has skill levels in "Smoking"], DSM-II (7th printing, 1974 edition), and journal in which to inscribe his insightful musings.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Mutants In The News — "Doc-In-A-(Big)-Box" Edition

NPR has a great article / podcast about the Strategic National Stockpile, those super-secret storehouses chock full o' medical machines, vaccines, and everything in between!

Each overstuffed site is apparently bigger than two Super Walmarts smashed together, with jumbo flags hanging from the ceilings.  You don't get much more American than that.

Just add renegade robots, killer fungi, and sentient cockroaches, and you have yourself a megadungeon just begging for a looting!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mutants In The News — "See Ya Later, Alligator" Edition

For years, like some unhinged coot that warns strangers away from woodland cabins and summer camps, I've bellowed about the serpentine scourge afflicting Florida's swamps.

Turns out things are even worse than I prophesied, though, as it's been confirmed (via the awesome powers of SCIENCE!) that families of Nile crocodiles are inhabiting the region.

Yep.  The native alligator's bigger, meaner, deadlier cousins have taken up residence.

At this rate, there's really only one way The Everglades situaish can play out.  The Gods help us all!