Monday, August 12, 2013

Rest In Peace, Chalur

R.I.P. Chalur, the winged, fire-blasting, chameleonic, injury-doubling, arachnophobic Mutant Human.

Your crippling mutations combined with even more crippling decision paralysis in the heat of every battle would've done you in eventually... perhaps it's a kindness that a teammate's Critical Miss with an implosion mace both pulverized your ribcage and detonated all your ammo in the same fumbled swing.

Your corpse will provide a sumptuous feast for the local crawfrogs and frogdads.  As you arose from the swamp, so shall you return.

This Saturday's Mutant Future session was a doozy, what with the Ancient bunker and the blood-sucking freakjob and its thralls and the missing henchmen and the universal decryption box and the new doll-sized mutant teammate and the three-armed necro-specialist and the fungus-giants and the  quest for airboat fuel and the six Critical Misses in a row (4 from the PCs, 2 from the Mutant Lord) and the mayhem and the first PC death.