Thursday, October 31, 2013

Devastation Drive-In 3-D — 'I Married A Monster From Outer Space' (1958)


No. Enc.:  1d4 (3d6)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement:  120' (40')
Armor Class:  6
Hit Dice:  14
Attacks:  2 or 1 (2 claws, or 1 blaster)
Damage:  1d8+3d6 / 1d8+3d6, or 12d12
Save:  L14
Morale:  10
Hoard Class:  XX (x2)
XP:  6,000

Most encounters between The Ancients and extraterrestrials erupted in deadly conflicts between predator and prey, conqueror and conquered...

...but one particular invasion involved neither hunger nor subjugation...


The extraterrestrials dubbed "groomanoids" hail from an unnamed, solar-ravaged world located near the constellation Andromeda. They stand as 6' tall, and possess pitted, rubbery skin and fleshy, external bronchial tubing about their heads and necks.  

Groomanoids are fantastically strong, and able to crush metal objects, bash in doors, and even knock down small trees with ease.  Conventional ballistic ammunition harmlessly passes through their bodies, and their shimmering force screens protect for an amplified 8d6 damage.  Groomanoids also wield disintegration pistols [see below].

Every groomanoid encountered is male (as the females of their species are deceased), and they have but one goal:  to repopulate their race!  To accomplish this, 1d3 groomanoids infiltrate a community by kidnapping and mimicking (via an absorptive black gas that generates a wearable living "simulacra-suit") key males and assuming their lives, gradually gaining the trust of those around them.  They usually target those in committed relationships, which makes assimilating—and marrying!—even easier.  Once that core group is established, a few more groomanoids arrive to take over the original's friends and colleagues, continuing the matrimonial agenda.

Groomanoids keep their hostages alive (albeit in stasis), so as to electronically extract their memories and personalities.

Groomanoids don't have it easy in the Mutant Future.  Most find human emotions confounding.  They can't swim, and are allergic to alcohol...which triggers suspicion when formerly athletic types suddenly avoid the water, or drinkers go sober overnight. Groomanoids also require gaseous methane to survive, and oxygen is toxic to their systems. Their disguises make Earth's atmosphere breathable, but if oxygen is forced into their systems (like through CPR, or respiratory equipment), the creatures perish instantly.  And in their native forms, groomanoids depend on mechanical rebreathers in oxygenated environs. 

Interestingly, animals (normal, mutant, and sentient) aren't affected by groomanoid force fields, and attack unimpeded.  Furthermore, they instinctively know to target the aliens' facial nasal-tubes in combat, gaining a +3 To Hit with a called shot to the tubes for instantaneous kills.  Groomanoids consequently eliminate any and all wildlife they encounter, if they can avoid arousing suspicion.

Groomanoids can leave their body-shells (which stand dormant and lifeless) at will.  If a groomanoid dies in its natural form, it dissolves into bubbling foam.  Groomanoids that expire in human guise do so without incident.

Groomanoids are a dedicated, methodical race, and can spend over a year learning the ins and outs of their chosen communities.  Being a generally cold, dispassionate people, they need the extra time to wrangle complicated human emotions and perfect their roles, which increases the chances of marrying to better facilitate breeding.  And over the duration, groomanoid scientists research and experiment, genetically tweaking Pure and Mutant Human females for cross-species conception.  The rest of the groomanoid race waits patiently in space all the while, hovering around the planet in undetectable starships.

Adaptable, more affable groomanoids can become such master mimics that even their fellow aliens can't recognize them—even telepathically—while disguised.

Groomanoids aren't evil, just desperate, and most truly grow fond of the humans in their lives. Some even reveal their true natures, in hopes of fostering understanding, and recruiting allies in their plight.  That said, the groomanoids won't hesitate to eradicate anyone who stands in their way.

Mutations:  Force Screen (Modified), Frailty ("Alchohol Allergy") [D], Enhanced Vision (Night), Increased Physical Attribute (STR) (x2), Metaconcert

Artifact:  Groomanoid Disintegrator

Groomanoids' hand-held rayguns emit triplicate beams that atomize targets instantly, doing 12d12 damage.  The disintegrators are powered by minifusion cells [p. 117 of the Mutant Future Core Rules], and contain 30 shots.

When a groomanoid dies, there is a 35% chance that its personal raygun explodes 1d4 rounds later, doing a minor 1d8 damage to anyone within a 3' radius.

Artifact:  Groomanoid Communicator

Though capable of transmitting their thoughts via Metaconcert, groomanoids require communicators to speak with those aboard orbital vessels.  The maximum range of these devices is unknown.