Thursday, November 17, 2011

"R" is for "Robostrich"


Hit Dice:  10
Frame:  Biomorph
Locomotion:  Legs (Pair)
Manipulators:  Jaws
Armor:  Duralloy Armor (AC 3)
Sensors:  Class II
Mental Programming:  Programming
Accessories:  None
Weaponry:  See Below
XP:  1,700

Robostriches are 9' tall robots that resemble nothing less than Ancient flightless birds, with long necks, powerful legs, and insulating rubber feathers (making them immune to electricity-based attacks).  They are powered by minifusion cells housed in their sternums.

Designed for combat, robostriches dash nimbly across the landscape at speeds up to 100 mph, biting (1d8 damage), kicking (2d10), and/or Charging all in their path.  And powerful gyroscopes ensure they never stumble, even over the most unforgiving terrain.

Rogue A.I.s with a sadistic sense of humor often dispatch "flocks" of robostriches against their foes.

*Inspired by current advances in Gamma World-ian studies!!!