Monday, December 27, 2010

"B" is for "Bulopper"


No. Enc.:  0 (4d8)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement:  300' (100')
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice:  5
Attacks:  1 (gore or kick)
Damage:  1d10 or 2d8
Save:  L3
Morale:  6
Hoard Class:  None
XP:  350

The chitinous bulopper averages 12' long, stands 5'-6' tall at the shoulder, and weighs close to a ton.  Despite their size, they are capable of leaping great distances.

Buloppers are migratory herd animals, grazing their way across the Mutant Future, and they consume any and all vegetation they encounter.  Relatively docile, they normally flee from predators, but larger males may try to protect the females and young.  (In any big group, there are 4 females/young per male.  Adult males have 1d4 more hit points than normal, and all young have half the standard adult hit points.)  A fleeing herd, or aggressive male, may perform the Trample maneuver.

Buloppers can be domesticated as mounts (carrying up to 2 people) or draft animals; however, in the latter instance, weighted harnesses must be used to prevent them from leaping.

Mutations:  Increased Sense (Taste)