Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spawn Of Devastation Drive-In — 'Robot Holocaust' (1986)

Dark Devourer

No. Enc.:  1 (1)
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement:  0' (0') 
Armor Class:  9
Hit Dice:  20
Attacks:  1 (see below)
Damage:  1d8 (see below)
Save:  L20
Morale:  9
Hoard Class:  XVIII, XX, XXI, XXII
XP:  12,250

Thanks in no small part to their technologies, The Ancients inflicted environmental disaster upon disaster on the ravaged Earth...


Dark devourers are sprawling plants that grow into, and merge with, clusters of Ancient technology:   computer banks, automated factories / foundries, broadcast networks, power stations, etc.  They gradually take control over all machines within a region (with their influence stretching over hundreds—if not thousands—of miles), and dominate their territories with all manner of telepathically-controlled robots and androids.  Dark devourers often enslave entire villages, using them to mine precious ores and fuels to keep their holdings active and operable.  They deliver their demands over loudspeakers with booming, imperious voices.

Dark devourers feed off of both the flesh and the mental energies of sentient beings, and require robot thralls to deposit immobilized prey into their acidic "hunger bulbs".  Those ensnared are agonizingly dissolved over the course of days, taking 1d8 damage, and losing 1 point of both INT and WIL, per hour.  A dark devourer absorbs all the knowledge and memories of its victims in this fashion.

The creatures frequently demand they be addressed by grandiose titles, like "Dread One" or "Vile Lord" or "Bleak Master" and such.

[Mutant Lords should strive to maintain utmost secrecy regarding a dark devourer's robot-controlling abilities.  PCs should believe that a powerful humanoid or rogue A.I. is behind any and all robot uprisings, instead of a sentient plant.]

Mutations:  Animal Limbs/Organs (Larynx), Empathy, Full Senses (Hearing, Vision), Increased Willpower, Intellectual Affinity (Tinkerer), Prehensile Tendrils (Simple), Unique Mutation ("Brain-Draining"), Unique Mutation ("Techno-Control"), Vegetal Parasite

Whirring Dervish

Hit Dice:  13
Frame:  Biomorph
Locomotion:  Legs (Pair)
Manipulators:  None
Armor:  Duraplastic (AC 5)
Sensors:  Class II
Mental Programming:  Programming
Accessories:  Tool Mount
Weaponry:  Arm-Blades
XP:  3,300

Whirring dervishes are dingy humanoid robots designed only for combat.  They wade into the fray, extend their bladed arms, and spin in place until all foes are diced into gooey mounds of meat.

A dervish's blades affect all melee targets in an 8' radius, striking twice per round and doing 3d6 damage per hit.

A platoon of whirring dervishes can wipe out a living army in minutes.

Earth Eel  ("Sewage Worm")

No. Enc.:  3d10 (3d10)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement:  0' (0')
Armor Class:  5
Hit Dice:  1
Attacks:  1 (bite)
Damage:  1d6
Save:  L1
Morale:  12
Hoard Class:  VI
XP:  19

Earth eels are blind invertebrates that nest in the stony walls of cavern complexes and abandoned sewers. They lunge out and bite anything that passes in front of their burrows.

If an earth eel successfully strikes on a To Hit roll of 15-20, it grasps the passerby's weapon in a crushing grip. It takes an Ability Check Versus STR at a -5 penalty (or, naturally, killing the eel) to wrench the weapon free.

Mutations:  Increased Sense (Hearing), Sensory Deficiency (Blind) [D]