Friday, November 16, 2012

Let's Go To Gamma World. Meet... The Blaash.

Blaash  ("Gamma Moth")

No. Enc.:  1d10 (1d10)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement:  18' (6')
        —Fly:  120' (40')
Armor Class:  8
Hit Dice:  8
Attacks:  See Below
Damage:  See Below
Save:  L5
Morale:  12
Hoard Class:  None
XP:  1,560

The fearless blaashes are 3' long insects with 6'-8' wingspans.  When attacking, they glow brightly, and emanate intense Class 9 radiation in a 20' radius.  Anyone caught within a blaash's area of effect must make a Saving Throw Versus Radiation each and every round.

Upon making a kill, a blaash immediately falls atop it and eats voraciously.  It will cease its predations only if attacked, or if its food is threatened.

Mutations:  Reflective Epidermis (Radiation)

Not-The-Designer's Notes:  The Blaash first appeared in 1978 in the 1st edition of Gamma World, by James M. Ward and Gary Jaquet, and again in the 2nd edition of Gamma World from 1983, by Ward, Jaquet, and David James Ritchie.  Illustration by Jeff Easley or Keith Parkinson (specific credit unknown) from the 2e set.

Not-The-Designer's Notes Addendum:  This insect entry completes the metamorphosis options for the bug-tastic bulo.