Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mutants In The News — "Digging Through Ditches, Burning Through Witches" Edition

Anyone who visits this blog during any given October knows that I'm a huge, Huge, HUGE fan of psychotronic, sleaze-o-rama, drive-in fare.

Monsters & mutants & mayhem.
Bikers & babes & bloodshed.
Celluloid & screams & stickiness.
Gimmicks & gratuitousness and gore.

I've tried to do my little part to celebrate the genre, but I'm a mere Ed Wood when compared to the bastard 3-way-love-child of William Castle, Roger Corman, and Herschell Gordon Lewis that is Jack Shear, over at the must-read Tales Of The Grotesque And Dungeonesque.

This man is my hero, because he's made MY ULTIMATE DREAM POST-APOCALYPTIC RPG that I didn't even know I wanted until he first brain-dropped about it!!!


It has everything that I love in a setting (hell, everything I love in LIFE):  post-apocalyptic trash-fantasies and horror-honeys and hot rod hearses and psychobilly insanity and more monsters than you can shake an electric pitchfork-guitar at.

= Justin's Brain.  SCIENCE!!!

I totally bought it.  You should, too.  (And there's even Lulu coupons, so I hear.)

Seriously, Shear's got THE GOODS.  He's in my Top 3 favorite bloggers, amongst those titans Our Friendly Neighborhood Sniderman and The Abominable Dr. Causey.  Show him some love.