Saturday, March 24, 2018

"P" is for "Prongalope"


No. Enc.:  1d6+2 (2d10)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement:  210' (70')
Armor Class:  5
Hit Dice:  5
Attacks:  2 or 1 (x2 weapon, or 1 gore)
Damage:  by weapon x2, or 1d6
Save:  L5
Morale:  9
Hoard Class:  VII
XP:  1,100

Prongalopes are man-sized, nomadic giraffoids with horns that coruscate with green electricity.  They travel the wastelands in tigh-knit clans, living off the lands and bartering for what they can't scavenge...and if negotiations fail, prongalopes are not above taking what they need..

Fast and frenetic, prongalopes strike twice per round with the same weapon, melee and ranged alike.  Their natural agility gives them a base AC 5, which can be improved by shields and tech.

Prongalopes settle tribal rivalries with elaborate dance contests, and their mutations are ideally suited to this purpose..  Once a year, the beings gather by the thousands to resolve debts, disputes, divorces, and all manners of conflicts via the art of "serving".  Prongalopes will gladly "step to" PCs and "take them to the prairies" in place of combat.

Mutations:  Combat Empathy, Energy Ray (Electricity), Fragrance Development, Increased Balance, Precognition