Monday, May 23, 2011

"A" is for "Anenomouth"


No. Enc.:  1 (1d2)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement:  45' (15') 
Armor Class:  5
Hit Dice:  7
Attacks:  1 + 2d6 (1 bite, 2d6 tentacles)
Damage:  1d10 + 1 hp per tentacle + poison
Save:  L4
Morale:  11
Hoard Class:  VI, VII
XP:  1,840

Anenomouths are terrestrial predators with huge jaws and 10'-12' long, slug-like bodies covered in flailing tentacles.  They slither across the landscape in a never-ending search of prey, hunting by body heat (up to a range of 60') instead of sight.

Each successful tentacle strike injects a Class 1 toxin that is particularly harmful to Mutant Animals of fish- and crustacean-based stock, as they suffer double damage from its effects.  (For expediency, one overall Saving Throw Versus Poison can be made for the cumulative attacks.)

Anenomouths' body cavities frequently contain the undigested belongings of their victims.

Mutations:  Increased Caloric Needs [D], Sensory Deficiency (Blindness) [D], Toxic Weapon (Venom), Unique Sense (Thermal Sense)