Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Great Minds, And All That

Having read comics and played RPGs for three decades, I'm well acquainted with the dreaded All-The-Good-Names-Are-Taken phenomenon.  And so, in doing this blog, I've never Googled any of my mutant monsters in advance; I just dive in blind, and cross my fingers that I'm not ripping off a critter that appeared in an old issue of, say, Polyhedron or Space Gamer.

But while blundering through the data on my Stats tab, some odd links popped up, and led me to the website of artist Blake A. Chamness.  He seems fond of girantulas, too, and I loved his work so much I had to share.

He's also got a few more beasties (plus other neat material) at both http://www.bachamness.com/sketch.html and http://bachamness.blogspot.com.