Friday, June 20, 2014

"F" is for "Flinch"


No. Enc.:  2d6 (3d6)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement:  18' (6')
         —Fly:  210' (70')
Armor Class:  2
Hit Dice:  1d2 HP
Attacks:  1 (peck)
Damage:  1 hp
Save:  L1
Morale:  7
Hoard Class:  None
XP:  7

Flinches are 6" tall birds with grimy, soot-stained feathers. Fleshy tumors erupt across their skulls, sometimes growing so pervasively as to blind the creatures outright.

Pyrokinetic pests that eat seeds, small arthropods, and ash, flinches are feared throughout the Mutant Future.  They turn settlements and ruins into infernos, and lay waste to arable land and crops.  To keep flinches at bay, villages often keep fiery "feeders" (rusty toxic waste drums filled with smoldering grains, vegetation, and debris) at the outskirts.

Some (burn-scarred, hair-deficient) individuals claim to have domesticated flinches, using exotic nectars and hand-carved whistles...which they'll happily sell for an exorbitant sum, natch.

Mutations:  Reflective Epidermis (Fire / Heat)Temperature Control (Heat)Vision Impairment [D]