Saturday, June 30, 2012

Radioactive Review — 'Wisdom From The Wastelands #9: High-Tech Weapons'

The second in a series of weapon-related articles [first one reviewed here], WFTW #9 brings plenty of new toys to the Mutant Future universe.

Included are seven new types of Artifacts, including:

) Antimatter Weapons (assorted bombs, grenades, and missiles that not only kill anything outright without a force field, but saturate the area with radiation for days to come)
) Bead Weapons (energy-driven BB guns...with options for explosive, gas, or poison-filled projectiles)
) Desiccators (lethal dehydration-guns...which are particularly nasty to plants)
) EMP Weapons (robot-whompin' guns and explosives)
) Grenade Launchers (self-explanatory)
) Plasma Projectors (unleashes half-plasma/half-kinetic bursts...and kept envisioning them as these iconic blasters...!)
) Screamers (sonic-guns, for all your deafening and stunning needs)

Thorough tables list out all the necessary stats (damage, range, weight, etc.) for each type.

Rounding out the work is the new debilitating condition, Deafened, which reduces Initiative by 2, and prevents aural perception checks.

This supplement is a welcome addition to the line, as it introduces some crazy firepower to the game.  I'm particularly delighted for the inclusion of sonic-blasters, because they're some of my favorite superheroic weapons from the funnybooks.

But be warned, Mutant Lords...the antimatter weapons are NASTAY.  They're the wild-n-wooly progeny of black ray pistols and torc grenades, but cranked up to 11.  Your players will love them.

As par for the course for the line, this is an amazing value for 99¢.  Buy it here.