Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Radioactive Review — 'Wisdom From The Wastelands' #3: High-Tech Weapons

Issue #3 of Wisdom From The Wastelands focuses on every post-apocalyptic player's favorite toys:  the weapons!  Six brand-new categories of Ancient armaments are introduced to the Mutant Future arsenal:

) Flamers (flamethrowers, duh)
) Micro-Missile Guns (gyrojets)
) Nerve Rippers (super-tasers)
) Rail Guns (handheld bolt-throwers!)
) Sliver Casters (flechettes a'plenty)
) Scramblers (anti-robot guns)

Each type gets several paragraphs, with relevant descriptions and game effects.  While I've made no secret about my preference for the "less is more" approach, I can't find fault with all the info here, as the Core Rules detail the fancier tech-weapons at length.

These gizmos are welcome—and, even better, fun—additions to the Mutant Future-verse. I've always loved gyrojet launchers since I learned of them from my Star Frontiers boxed set, so I'm giddy to have them here.  And the other gadgets bring flash and pizzazz to the post-apocalyptic proceedings, what with all the fire and electricity and metal fragments and such. I'm usually a pretty low-tech GM when it comes to my Gamma World-ing screen-monkeying, and most games fall apart before getting to the really cool Artifact hoards.  But I'd love to deck out some antagonists with these gadgets, and let my PCs fend for their lives.

(Oh, has been par for the course for the WftW series, this 5-page, 99¢ supplement is neat and clean, with appropriate art to break up the text.)

In summary, this is an awesome addition to the Mutant Future-verse.  Buy it.  And given the quality of the first 3 WftW releases—and they're up to 6, as of today—and my glowing reviews, I'm afraid I'm going to sound like a Skirmisher Publishing shill.

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