Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"P" is for "Pinnipoid — Walrusoid" [Metamorphosis Alpha Version]

Pinnipoid — Walrusoid

Number Usually Appearing:  1-4
Armor Class:  4
Movement (Yards Per Melee Turn):  15
Hit Dice:  9

Mutations:  Genius (Military, Scientific), Speed Increase, Symbiotic Attachment

Pinnipoid—Walrusoid (walrus):  This hulking biped stands 7' tall and is resistant to cold and electricity.  Though dim of wit and clumsy (-2 to all relevant Mental Resistance and Dexterity rolls), walrusoids are savant-like masters of strategy, tactics, and technology, and improve scavenged weapons and/or fabricate them outright.  They are also preternaturally fast for their bulk, and attack twice per turn.


  1. Hi Justin,

    This is Will (Mutant Lord from The Mutant Epoch RPG) We set up a Mutant Monsters Art Gallery at and in our first post mentioned this blog of yours. Please feel free to join in over there with links, critters or comments. Love this site!

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  3. Howdy, Will!

    I've never got to do as much with Mutant Epoch as I've wanted or intended. I'm glad you popped in, and will definitely check things out!