Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"R" is for "Rad'shez"


No. Enc.:  3d12
Alignment:  None
Movement:  0' (0')
Armor Class:  9
Hit Dice:  1 hp
Attacks:  See Below
Damage:  See Below
Save:  None
Morale:  None
Hoard Class:  None
XP:  7

Rad'shez are edible, phosphorescent root vegetables that grow year-round in even the most contaminated of soils.  And by "edible" one means "able to be consumed...but surviving the experience is another matter," for the plants are infused with intense radioactivity ranging from Radiation Classes 5-10, as determined randomly on 1d6 on the Radiation Class Table [p. 51 of the Mutant Future Core Rules].  Fortunately, eating a rad'shez is the only way to be affected by its overpowering energies.

Rad'shez are quite tasty, and assorted beasts—including molebears, javeleens, gruboceroses, iryxes, and spidergoats—find them particularly appetizing.  Any herbivores/omnivores encountered near wild rad'shez clusters are presumed to feed off the plants, and have a 50% of possessing both the Energy Ray (Radiation) and Reflective Epidermis (Radiation) mutations.

Some cryptic alliances cultivate rad'shez for their bizarre mutagenic rituals.

Mutations:  Reflective Cellular Structure (Radiation), Radioactive Emissions (Modified)

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