Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tales To Flabbergast Presents... ZZZAP, SON OF ZZZAX!!!


F             GD (10)
A             IN (40)
S             GD (10)
E             IN (40)
R             FB (2)
I              GD (10)
P             FB (2)

Health:  100
Karma:  14
Resources:  TY (6)
Popularity:  5

Real Name:  Kevin Collier
Occupation:   Student
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record...yet
Identity:  Secret
Other Known Aliases: None
Place of Birth:  Houston, Texas
Marital Status:  Single
Known Relatives:  Mom, Gary (stepdad), Kid Sis
Base of Operations:  Campaign City, USA
Past Group Affiliations:  None
Present Group Affiliation:  PC Team

Electric Body:  Zzzap can shift from his human form into a quasi-solid electromagnetic state, providing several advantages and disadvantages, including:
  • Firing electrical bolts of Incredible (40) intensity up to 5 areas away.
  • Delivering a shocking touch of Incredible (40) intensity.  Those grabbed (via a Fighting FEAT to hit), or those that grapple Zzzap, must make an Endurance FEAT at the intensity of the shock or be knocked unconscious in addition to the damage.
  • Making arcing leaps at Remarkable (30) rank.
  • Incredible (40) protection from physical and electrical attacks, and Excellent (20) protection from other energy attacks.
  • Water-based attacks do +2CS damage against Zzzap in his energy form.
Pet—MODOG:  MODOG is the heroic identity of Kevin's bulldog puppy, Grumbles.  The li'l guy wears a headband that generates Mental Force Bolts at Excellent (20) rank at a range of 1 area, and loafs in a levitating pod that floats at Poor (4) rank speed.  Being a puppy of normal intelligence, the li'l guy barely follow's Zzzap's directions.  Stats are F: Fb, A: Pr, S: Fb, E: Fb, R: Pr, I: Pr, P: Pr, H:10, K: 14

Talents:  Student, Television Junkie

Contacts:  None

Zzzap, Son Of Zzzax dreams of being some combination of skateboard, guitar, and surfing legend, but has never tried any of them.

Zzzap, Son Of Zzzax is a thrill-seeker and a showboat, and needs a strong leadership presence to reign him in.  He's a shoot first, think second kinda hero.

MODOG usually floats on the sidelines, yowling adorably in encouragement.

Layabout and C-student Kevin Collier was on the field trip when the incident at Rick Jones' Locker went down.   Believing it was a Top Secret energy drink, Kevin chugged a bottle labeled "Zzzax Juice", and the results were about as expected.  He also snagged a levitating purple contraption, thinking it was a futuristic ashtray he could give to his stepdad for Father's Day.  Turns out it made a sweet flying bed for Grumbles!

The instant Theron, Official Friend Of The Field Guide mentioned his "Rick Jones" idea is the same instant Zzzap, Son Of Zzzax was born.  The electrical boy and his barely-psychic dog exploded into my head like thunderbolts.  I've been dying to play Zzzap in a superhero gameANY superhero gamefor over a decade. 

In the intervening years, I've learned that there's a character named Zzzap in the Ex-Heroes novel franchise, and a MODOG popped up in official Marvel continuity.  But mine were first, damn it!  
Here's even some doodles from years ago!

I finally rolled up Zzzap in the old-school Marvel rpg, and, yeesh.  The dice were brutal, with an 84, 21, 39, 05, 78, 01, and 33, translating to Incredible, Good, Good, Feeble, Remarkable, Feeble, and Good.  TWO FEEBLES?!!!  GAH.

After much agonizing, I decided to make Reason and Psyche the dump-stats to represent having his brains scrambled by villainous energies.

Hey, there's precedent.

  • Zzzax is a major Hulk enemy --> Rick Jones!!!

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