Monday, January 5, 2015

Mutants In The News — "#2 On 'The Plagues Of Egypt Hit Parade'" Edition

Tap, tap, tap.  Is this thing on?

Researchers have discovered a unique species of fanged frog—yep, fanged frog!—that not only utilizes internal fertilization ("doesn't lay eggs"), but also gives birth to live young.

There are three awesome mutastic things right there in that very sentence!

Will resume with the regular radioactivity soon-ish.

Home Mutant Future campaign turning weird (looks like half the party is going to (pretty deservedly, truth be told) take out the other half) + Halloween burnout + holly, jolly holidaze + Savage Worlds diversions = distracted me.  And, oh, yeah...that whole newborn thang.

Ugh—whining about stuff-not-done is a cardinal writing sin.  My bad, blog-bros!


  1. New (almost "mammal-like") traits....
    amphibians are the first species to show any "genetic" changes in the eco-system....

  2. How right you are! Remember when news of deformed frogs and pollution was all the rage in the 1990s?

    Holy crap. 20 years already?

  3. I remember it being an "out-rage" in the 70's....
    Viewing frogs in jars with multiple legs.... as a kid....