Saturday, July 27, 2013

22 Quick Questions For Your Post-Apocalyptic Campaign Setting

When prepping for my Don't Mess With Wrexus game after a two-month hiatus, I realized that the PCs will have some serious questions to which I don't have answers.

Case in point, just how is Android B-Zero going to repair that significant structural damage? It's not like he can just saunter into Radio Shack.   (Heh.  Like anyone ever goes to Radio Shack.)


But my knob goes to 22, y'all.  And I'll answer them in a subsequent post.

22 Quick Questions For Your Post-Apocalyptic Campaign Setting
  1. What's the deal with my village's particular Rite Of Passage?
  2. Which way to the nearest tavern?
  3. Where do we buy useful gear?
  4. Where do we repair / reload / refuel these artifacts?
  5. Where do we get some high-tech healing?
  6. Where do we fix our resident android / robot?
  7. Say, what IS the local currency / medium of exchange, anyway?
  8. Are there any infamous ruins / vaults / laboratories / installations around where sane mutants fear to tread?
  9. Where is the closest contaminated zone to idiotically try for powerful new mutations?
  10. Where do we get cures for the following conditions:  toxin, radiation, infection, lousy new mutations, nanobot infestation, corrupted databanks, broken cybernetic implants?
  11. Are there any cults / gangs / cryptic alliances I can join and / or fight?
  12. Where can I hire mercenaries?
  13. Where can I find a technician, lorekeeper, psychic, or other expert NPC?
  14. Where do I find a mighty mutant monster mount?
  15. Who is the greatest warlord in the wasteland?
  16. Who is the craziest Artificial Intelligence in the wasteland?
  17. Who is hoarding all the gasoline in the wasteland?
  18. What critters are sufficiently terrorizing the wasteland that if I kill them, I become famous?
  19. Are there any wars brewing I could go fight?
  20. How about gladiatorial arenas complete with hard-won glory and fabulous artifact prizes?
  21. Is there anywhere on the map where certain races are shunned, mutations / artifacts are outlawed, and / or The Powers That Be significantly hassle the PCs?
  22. Are there means to journey into space, or under the sea, or through the dimensional barriers?