Friday, December 21, 2012

Radioactive Review — 'Wisdom From The Wastelands #13: Medical Devices'

Healin' ain't easy in the Mutant Future.

Sure, when compared to other Ol' Skool games, Level 1 characters start out with a hefty chunk of sweet, succulent Hit Points.  But unless you're lucky enough to have rejuvenating mutations or a stash of Ancient medical supplies, you're at the mercy of all manner of apocalyptic hazards and laser-toting animal-men.  And the Mutant Future Core Rulebook's stark random Treasure Hoard Tables don't do you any kindnesses.

So thank Wisdom From The Wastelands #13: Medical Devices for saving your irradiated bacon!

This issue showcases 5 dense pages of all-new, life-sustaining Artifacts, including these dandy devices

) Auto-Medic:  Essentially a souped-up tricorder that diagnoses and treats what ails ya.  It's the gadget 4 out of 5 surly, cornfed space-doctors recommend most!

) Auto-Injector:  Something went seriously awry at Waynetech if they started mass-producing a certain someone's trademark gadget....

) Black Ray:  Any Gamma World player worth his salt knows that the Black Ray Pistol is "the ultimate hand-held weapon...[that] causes instant death to living targets not protected by a force field"¹.  But the Mutant Future versions have been repurposed to just rid a target of invasive organisms.  INSTANT DEATH TO ACCURSED PARASITES...WHOO-HOO!!!

) RadBeGone:  Nuclear-negating nanites.  It's nice to know that Ron Popeil's legacy lives on, thousands of years after the apocalypse.

) The Resurrector:  I'll just say this:  any artifact whose Negative Effect Table lists Death as the least terrible option is AWESOME.

And there are plenty of more invaluable tools to keep your PCs alive another day.

Rounding out the supplement is a new mutation, Genetic Replication, which translates to "viral duplication".  PCs with this one could run amok, for good or ill.

So much cool loot make this edition of WFTW is one of my favorites of the entire series. Yeah, it reads a little dry (like most WFTW supplements), but author Chris "Outlander" Van Deelen did a dandy job, and really expanded the game's medical options.  Order today!!!

1:  Gamma World 1e Core Book, p. 32

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