Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mutants In The News — "Super Genius Games Makes Me Glad-A-Mant, After GMS Made Me Sad-A-Mant" Edition

This Original Cover Is Problematic...

So...according to assorted emails I received yesterday, Pathfinder's Warlords Of The Apocalypse will (sooner than later) arise from the atomic ashes, courtesy of the fine folks at Super Genius Games.

I had a sassy-n-surly post all ready to go about Adamant Entertainment's 2+ years of broken assurances and deadlines, but it's the holiday season, and I'm just thankful the project has been passed on to capable hands.

And not only thankful, but excited, based on correspondence with new project lead Owen K.C. Stephens.  He said the right things to melt this frosty, be-nuclear-winter'd heart.

There will be a press release this week, and the word "Kickstarter" will be involved.  But don't let that give you the jibblies, as S.G.G. swears those that originally pre-ordered WOTA will get the book, come hell or high water.

It's a Christmas miracle!!!

...And This Second Take Is Gods-Awful.  Third Time's The Charm...?

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